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Virtual pet online And: we have desktop virtual pets. cybercritters are great cyber pets ...and all free!

A Virtual Pet Online CyberCritter is fun to play with, feed, care for and have fun. There were 8 original cybercritters Cyber Critters to play with online. Over a million critter owners have experienced the fun of owing a cybercritter cyberpet.

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Download one of the eight original virtual pet cyber pets Now. Put 'em on your desktop. Pose 'em by playing, feeding, caring and loving your critter. Leave your wonderful critter on your desktop in your favorite pose.

PETS! Here and Now... Desktop Virtual Pet Cybercritters are a lot of fun and make great companions.

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Virtual Pet Game! PLAY BALL WITH YOUR FAVORITE CRITTER ONLINE Critter Ball with Crazy Bats Let you play Pong-like game with a CyberCritter Virtual Pet.

ROBOT - Virtual Pet Game! NEW! Meet "Robot"... Robot is a virtual remote controlled robot you can run right in your web browser. Go Play! Have Robot Fun with your virtual pet.

DESKTOP VIRTUAL PET GAME This Game is downloadable and runs on your desktop. Two versions are available. Release 2 works best, but Release 1 is a collectible web classic with the Critter in an Egg Shapped Container. Both are great fun.

Release One Desktop Virtual Pet Game
Release 2
Latest Release Virtual Pet Game

You can adopt a virtual pets online. Via your browser.

You can download desktop cybercritters.

Characteristics: Each cybercritter ( online and offline versions ) can be happy, sad or tired. Each cybercritter can play, sleep or eat.

Cybercritters: Cyberpets

Cybercritters: free virtual pets you download! It lives on UR computer desktop.

While you are at your computer, your Adopted Cyber Pets will stay right on top of the screen, never leaving your side.

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Play with your virtual pet onlineAdopt a virtual pet online of your own. Play online until you are ready to choose your favorite cybercritter. You can collect 'em all because they are free.

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Q and A

Virtual Pet Online Game

Q: What is virtual pet anyway?
A: A virtual pet could be as tricky as a computer simulation or just a simple picture like Neopets*, to which someone attaches an imaginative story. The Adopted Neopets or cybercritters are as alive in the imagination as a live pet would be. Thus the name: they are also called cyber pets and in our case the VPs are called cyber critters.

Q. Why are some called onlines and others are called computer pets?
A. You may also hear about "desktop pets" or "desktop virtual pets" you can download to your personal computer. You can play with these like you would a video game you don't have to be online.

Q. What happens when I go online? Does my free virtual desktop pet automatically go online for updates?
A. Your cyber pet is very well mannered and won't do anything without asking your permission. In fact, one of your duties might be to go on line occasionally to play with your virtual pet along with others in the critterCorrals.

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Adopt a virtual pet of your own. Play online until you are ready to choose your favorite cybercritter virtual pet. You can collect 'em all because they are free. b

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Free Virtual Pets Online is a Free Virtual Pet Site. You download the free virtual desktop pet to the computer.

Online Virtual Pet Games

You can play with your critter whether or not you are online.

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Q: How are they different from online VPs?
A: When you download them, they become available without using a browser. The virtual cyber pet lives on your desktop and can provide fun and companionship all the time!
Q: What is does it do?
A: They are fun to play with, collect, feed, and care for. They have rules for living that require some human interaction. You gotta feed it and care for it! Otherwise you won't be able to get your favorite pose!!!!. A cybercritter needs the same sorts of things you do in order to operate. Food, exercise, etc...
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